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Real solutions, real food, real results!

We are not a national franchise and we do not have celebrity endorsements or 1-800#'s. On our program there is no bulk food by mail, points to add or calories to count. Our before and after pictures are your friends and neighbors and from years of successful weight loss stories. Our friendly and caring staff are not only knowledgeable and supportive but most of them have struggled with their own weight loss, have been on our program, and understand the challenges of losing and maintaining weight.   



Our patients are saying:

"...I went from size 14 to a 4."
"...great, fast results..."
"...the accountability & support kept me on track."
"...I felt great & had lots of energy."
"...it was such an easy transition to maintain my weight loss"
"...my hunger and cravings were gone"
"I learned to eliminate the word diet & eat healthy"

Check back for more amazing Before and After pictures coming soon!