California Weight Management

Welcome to the Physicians Weight Clinic Weight Loss program. We know you'll love our program and the results!

The initial visit requires an appointment with our physician for a brief physical and a review of your medical history. The first visit includes: physical, orientation, patient book, vitamin B-12 and medications - this one-time cost is $55.

After the initial one-time physical you can come into our office once a week to see our nurse. You may come in at your convenience during the hours we're open, there is no need for an appointment.

Your weekly visit includes: support with our nurse, a weigh-in, review of your diet and weight loss, blood pressure review as needed, a vitamin B-12 injection (optional/but no extra charge), and receiving your daily appetite suppressants for the week. The medications we use assist you not only with your appetite, but also with enhanced metabolism and sugar cravings. The diet and medications are reviewed and adjusted each week as needed to fit your individual needs. This allows us to optimize your weight loss while still being sure you're feeling good, have lots of energy and feeling satisfied without hunger. The cost for the weekly visit is $35, this includes your vitamin B-12, all medication for the week, and the consultation/office visit.

There are no contracts, required foods, or products to buy. We want you to continue because you are happy with your results, satisfied with your weight loss, and confident in our support and long term medical experience.

Our focus is on long term weight loss maintenance. In that, keeping the weight off is just as important as taking it off. The maintenance includes a long term lifestyle management, monthly weigh-ins, and ongoing support.

We hope you'll consider our program and experience in medical weight loss and we look forward to helping you reach and maintain a new level of health and success!

We know your time is valuable so you may download the paperwork for your initial first visit. 

pdf fileDownload English version
pdf fileDownload Spanish version

Download your initial paper work, complete it, and bring it with you when you come to the office.

Please do not hesitate to call if you have any questions regarding the program, your appointment, or the paperwork.

We look forward to meeting you!